Vegainz Coach - Vegan Personal Trainer
Hey there, I’m Mike.

Better known as Vegainz Coach and here to help you destroy the myth and make your own Vegainz.

I’ve been a strength coach for over 10 years, first starting out in the UK, before training in NZ and now based in Melbourne, Australia. For 50% of my career as strength coach I have been fuelling my workouts with a whole food plant based diet. What I love about this type of lifestyle is that typically, it turns everything the text books tell you about nutrition and strength on its head.

I’m a big believer in carving your own destiny and if you want a different result you simply have to do things differently.

Since creating the Vegainz Method, not only do I have greater energy, physical strength, and purpose for myself but it has also given me the avenue to help others all over the world make changes to a stronger and healthier body and mind.

Body Transformation
Competition Preparation
Strength Coaching

I first went vegan for the health benefits. The breadth and depth of what a plant based lifestyle can give anyone was too good not to ignore. The science was so convincing and stacked in favour of plant based living that I changed and haven’t looked back since. Then as time went by, I opened my eyes up to the ethical and environmental benefits we can have simply changing towards and plant based lifestyle.

What effects does plant based eating has on training?

I have found since making changes, my strength hasn’t only improved in all my lifts but every aspect of my life has become better simply for opting for plants. My recovery from training has quickened, my sleep, how I wake up, my energy levels, my state of mind have all vastly improved since changing what I eat. I think veganism is the answer to becoming a better all round athlete.