At the beginning of this year after a debaucherous festive season i made a new years resolution; to be 45 years old and ripped! You see for the past 10 years i had been steadily becoming more and more unfit and overweight and constantly procrastinating about making a change.

I had made my decision but did not know quite how to go about it, that is when i saw a post from Mike on A Vegan Facebook page we both follow. He was offering his 12 week Vegainz nutrition and strength training program and i was more than happy to contact someone who’s ethics aligned with my own. I am now into my 3rd 12 week program and so far i am extremely happy with the results, eat well, work hard and see results.

Thus far i have lost 7 kgs, gained lean muscle , toned up and increased my strength. It is also fantastic to talk nutrition with someone that understands the real value of a whole food plant based diet.

Mike is always vibrant, full of energy and totally positive which is incredibly inspiring, its awesome to have a trainer that practices what he preaches and does not suffer from Alpha male syndrome at all! I am also pretty sure that his good looks have rubbed off on me as i am now noticing Women half my age giving me the eye….haha! ; )…Thanks for that Mike.

In all seriousness i think Mikes program is fantastic,  he is always available and responsive to any queries that i have and tailors my programs to improve my weaknesses and to realise what i am trying to achieve. So im not quite ripped yet but i still have 6 months to get there and with Mikes help im positive that i will reach my goal”.


Competition preparation shots with Ben
Physique competition
14 weeks of work


Mike is the epitome of drive and determination, wether you wish to lose weight, gain muscle or simply become a better person, it would be in your best interest to surround yourself with people like mike. An inspirational training coach and friend who has an incredible ability to get the best out of you even when your not feeling your best. Come rain, hail or shine, strength, pain or fatigue, mike has worked tirelessly to ensure he will get you on your feet and moving towards a better you. Mike helped me drop 24kgs a few years back and after a few challenging years where I put all that weight back on, he again helped me, he didn’t question me, he didn’t judge me, he didn’t ignore me. His only desire was to get me back to where I was, and with his belief and determination I have dropped 20kgs and have felt stronger and better than ever before. So many people want a quick fix, want the body, want the lifestyle, want the image. The truth is, if you want it all, and your willing to work for it. You want mike!!